Full length testimonials

You know why moving is stressful? Too many decisions!!!! I’m so glad we found Mass Moves early in the game. They do a lot more than pack boxes and truck them. They actually connected us with an estate sale person / appraiser who helped us decide what was worth keeping, what was better to sell, not just based on cold money value but also by asking us what was important to us, what we liked, what we would miss, etc. etc. etc. I don’t think people are always thinking clearly when they’re under the pressure of a move so having people to talk to us about whether we should drive our car cross country or fly out and have it towed, to present different options we might not of thought of, that was really really helpful. Extra service with no extra price, how can you go wrong with that?


I tell my kids I moved to Massachusetts to be closer to them after my wife passed, but the truth is, even in the midwest, I’ve always been the biggest Sox fan I know! When I bought my condo in Natick, the realtor hooked my up with this company, Mass Moves, and things could not possibly have been easier. I was condensing a four bedroom house into a two bedroom bachelor pad, so I didn’t need a whole truck. My driver, Ed (a great name, I think, LOL), estimated how many feet I’d need, gave me a quote, and he was right on the money. The price was great, the timing was great, it all worked out so incredibly well that I convinced him to take a much needed break so us two Eds could hit a Sox game before he headed back out on the road.  Thanks, Ed!


When I got laid off, it was a bummer. I mean, we have three little mouths to feed now. So when this job comes through for Eddie, we’re psyched. Only… it’s in California. We’ve never been to California. Farthest west we’ve been is West Virginia. On one hand, it’s adventure. On the other – how do you move 3,000 miles with 3 kids under 10? For us, the answer was Mass Moves.  Having someone we trusted was everything.  This isn’t some big company where everything’s getting handed off from office to warehouse to driver and nobody’s accountable. The whole time we spoke to the same three people, and we always knew exactly where our stuff was. Talk about peace of mind. These guys are great.